Why Grove?

At Grove, we have a heart for Christian education. Our objective is to train and develop community leaders whose mission is to glorify God with their lives. Challenging academics prepare the students for any career into which God directs them. Our core values are what give students the foundation to serve God in these various avenues with confidence and purpose.

Our mission, vision, and profile of a Grove student were carefully crafted over time and much prayer to establish a purpose for discipleship at Grove Christian School. Our goal is to partner with parents effectively in this mission and vision and to engage students in such a way that the students exemplify why commitment to Christian school is so critical in today’s world.

Why Christian?

Christian education has the unique abillity to teach the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially/emotionally, and physically.

At Grove, we put great value on our students’ relationship with the Lord and create many opportunities for spiritual growth. Weekly chapels expose them to challenging messages from various speakers – pastors, missionaries, teachers, youth pastors, and alumni. Student-led worship gives them an opportunity to share their gifts in a unique way. Our teachers are fully committed to the growth of their students and their relationship with God.

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As a private school, we design instruction to personalize attention through smaller class sizes in order to not only meet state standards, but to exceed those state standards with a biblical worldview. Our goal is to be just as strong intellectually as we are spiritually as a school and to engage students in a purposeful scope and sequence throughout their courses so that they develop the critical and creative thinking skills that they need to lead in today’s world.

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Student Life

Students at Grove are servant leaders. Whether that be in the classroom, as part of a sports team, or by mentoring younger students, each student has various curricular and extracurricular opportunities to pursue God’s calling for their lives. Students regularly participate in spiritual retreats, community service, and student-led clubs that provide further opportunities for growth outside the classroom.

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We believe that God has designed us to be “fearfully and wonderfully made.” When our students learn to engage as a team or challenge their bodies through fitness, our position of strength is recognizing and planning for the fact that every fitness activity is an opportunity to honor our bodies as a temple and every athletic event is an opportunity to witness to the world about what it means to be a Christian.

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