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  • June 28 – July 2 (sold out)

    God is in Charge.
    What happens when God’s people try to be in charge without him? What do I put in charge of my life instead of God? How can…

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  • July 12 – 16 (sold out)

    God is Patient with Us.
    What makes waiting so hard? How has God been patient with us throughout history? How can I learn patience with myself and others by knowing…

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  • July 19 – 23 (sold out)

    God Sets Us Free.
    What is keeping me from being completely free in Christ? How does the Good New of Jesus give me freedom from sin? How can I worship…

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  • July 26 – 30 (sold out)

    God’s Spirit Brings Peace.
    What does God’s peaceful kingdom look like? Why can’t we ever have true peace apart from God’s spirit? How can I trust God to fill me…

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  • August 2-6 2021 (sold out)

    God Always Wins.
    How can we trust God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promises? What does God promise about the outcome of all things? How can I overcome any challenges with…

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