Why Christian?

Our call as Christians is to lead people to Christ. He is the center of Christian life and Christian education. Thus, all instruction in a Christian school must be consciously Christ-centered and Bible-based.  Christian instruction proclaims the relevance of the Christian faith to the questions and challenges of today. Therefore, Christian education should lead students to be Christ-centered in every aspect of their lives.

At  Grove, we put great value on our students' relationship with the Lord and create many opportunities for spiritual growth. Weekly chapels expose them to challenging messages from various speakers - pastors, missionaries, teachers, youth pastors, and alumni. Student-led worship gives them an opportunity to share their gifts in a unique way. Our teachers are fully committed to the growth of their students and their relationship with God.

As part of Grove's Christian education experience, we focus on four core values that are intertwined in every academic subject and every extra-curricular opportunity for all students. (See chart below)