Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the Bible do you use?

As a ministry of the church, the school uses the same version as Dr. Becton, pastor of Grove Avenue Baptist Church. The school's standard version is the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Students are required to memorize verses from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, but they are welcome to use any version of the bible they prefer for chapel or to read from.

What curriculum do you use?

The school uses a variety of textbooks and resources: religious and secular. As the school evaluates the needs and demands of curriculum, decisions are made that will best meet the needs of students. The faculty uses professional judgement and Biblical discernment in selecting tools that will have the greatest impact on the students. Textbook curriculum varies by grade.

How is technology used in the classroom and throughout the school?

Teachers incorporate technology into classroom learning to make instruction more visual and hands-on. Panaboards (smartboard technology) are used in multiple classrooms. A mobile computer cart is utilized in middle and high school and a computer lab is available for all grades.

Are your teachers degreed and certified?

Every GCS teacher has a bachelor's degree, or higher. Teachers maintain current certification through ACSI, Association of Christian School's International, and many have state certifications.

Do you offer transportation?

We do not provide transportation to and from school. The school has a mini bus and a van that are used for field trips, sporting events, and practices. Parents often carpool to assist one another with driving.

Do you offer before and after care?

Yes, Grove Christian School offers both before and after care. Services can be paid for monthly or families can purchase a booklet of five tickets that can be used when needed.

Do you have a lunch program?

At this time, we offer hot lunch three days a week.  Students can bring their own lunch and we have microwaves available.

How many students are in the school?

There are currently over 150 students enrolled for the 2014-2015 school year.

Do most of your school families attend Grove Avenue Baptist Church?

About one third of our students are from GABC. In addition, the student body represents over 40 churches in Richmond and the surrounding counties.

What is the teacher/student ratio?

The maximum teacher to student ratio for the four year old classes is 1/10 and for kindergarten, it is 1/12. For the rest of the school, it is 1/20 with an average class size of 15.

How involved can I be with my child's education?

Parental partnership is encouraged in every aspect of Grove's Christian education. Academic progress can be monitored through Renweb - our online parent site. Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled during the year and parents may schedule a meeting with their child's teacher or principal whenever a concern arises. In addition, volunteer opportunities include: PTP (Parent/Teacher Partnership) activities, Field Day, class parties, sporting events, field trips, chapels and more.





Is the four year old program all day?

We offer both half day and full day options for our four year old program. The morning program is from 8:15-12:15. The all day program ends at 3:15.

What will my child do in kindergarten?

Kindergarten activities revolve around Bible stories, the alphabet, holiday themes, and unit studies. Music, art, and recess are led by the teacher and incorporated into the units they are studying. Field trips enhance unit themes and are an integral part of the kindergarten experience.

In addition to academics, what will my child do in elementary school?

Mornings in elementary school begin with Bible study or chapel. Core classes are taught in the mornings and in the afternoons students attend speciality classes such as art, music, Spanish, computer and library. They also have PE or recess every day.

Are students allowed to drive to school?

Yes, students are allowed to drive to school. Special parking spaces are set aside for student drivers.

What extracurricular activities do you offer in middle and high school?

In addition to academic courses, students have opportunities to participate in sports, music, art and technology. School events include: Homecoming, Spirit Week, mission trips, discipleship programs, and our annual retreat.

What type of support is available to help my child get ready for college?

Students in 10th and 11th grades take the PSAT test at school every fall. Students are provided information about SAT's and ACT's. The school's registrar and principal are available to assist with college planning. They are knowledgeable in diploma requirements and can offer support for students in areas of transcript requests, college applications, entrance essays and teacher recommendations.

Do your students get into good colleges?

Students are often able to get into the colleges and universities of their choice. Our accreditation standards make us competitive with other local schools. Our students' SAT scores and well-rounded student life meet, and, often exceed, the qualifications required for entrance to both Christian and secular colleges and universities.

Do you offer any advanced classes?

At this time, GCS does not teach AP classes. We offer honors classes in high school English. Dual enrollment is allowed for students that want to add upper level or college courses to their academic transcript. Dual enrollment must be pre-apporoved by the high school principal and is decided on an individual basis.

Are computers available in the classrooms for student use?

We do not issue laptops to students for school use. Middle and high school students have access to a laptop from our moblie computer cart when required for classroom use. Students may bring their own laptop for use in study hall when they are enrolled in an approved outside course. A laptop agreement form must be on file.