When asked what is special about Grove, students and alumni both respond that it is uniquely like a family. We believe God uses this quality to work in the lives of our students in areas such as discipleship, mentoring, and accountability. Activities are planned throughout the year to support unity amongst the students:


Most retreats are taken near the end of a school year, but, at Grove,  we like to start the year off right! At the beginning of every school year, our middle and high school students, along with faculty, head out together on a retreat at the end of Spiritual Emphasis Week. Although the location of this retreat may vary from year to year, it is always a special time for students and teachers to connect. We bond as we climb poles, fly through the air on zip lines, and work through obstacle courses.

This time together offers an opportunity for students to get to know their teachers. Later, we have an opportunity to hear challenging messages from God's Word, along with testimonies from students and faculty. We can't think of a better foundation to lay at the start of each school year!

Field Day

Nowhere is our family atmosphere more evident than on Field Day. Our Student Leadership Club carefully plans every Field Day activity to build unity and teamwork. Each team is comprised of students from kindergarten to the senior class, with every student assigned a "Field Day Buddy." What fun for our youngest students to have a big brother or sister for the day! Team names and cheers are chanted as the students do their best to rack up points, and every team has a faculty captain who works hard to lead their group to victory!

Homecoming and Spirit Week

School spirit is the emphasis of this jammed-packed, exciting week! Once again the Student Leadership Club plans wacky themes for every day of the week (i.e. "Adjective Day," "Super Hero Day"). The winning classes earn points for a chance to win the coveted spirit sticks or Spirit Bear. All of the week's events lead up to the big homecoming game. It's great fun for the entire school and their families!

Senior Trip

The culmination of school life, at least in the students' minds, is the senior trip! While many seniors choose to go to the beach or some other exotic vacation, Grove seniors choose to go to Word of Life, Florida. Fun-filled days of theme parks and other activities are coupled with thought-provoking messages and studies, led by WOL students and mentors, that challenge the students in their priorities and devotion to Christ, as they prepare to begin their adult lives.