At  Grove, we put great value on our students' relationship with the Lord and create many opportunities for spiritual growth. Weekly chapels expose them to challenging messages from various speakers - pastors, missionaries, teachers, youth pastors, and alumni. Student-led worship gives them an opportunity to share their gifts in a unique way. Our teachers are fully committed to the growth of their students and their relationship with God.

Here are some ways Grove strives to write God's Word on the hearts of its students:

A partnership with parents in the teaching, training and application of biblical principles into the daily life of each student  - 2 Timothy 3:14-15

A focus on the uniqueness of each student; every child is an exclusive creation of the Lord with a specific, God-ordained plan for our lives. - Psalm 139:13

A Bible-centered approach to all correction and discipline with the purpose to mold every student's heart to honor God. -     2 Timothy 3:16-17

A philosophy of continual, lifetime growth and spiritual development - Phil. 1:6

For students who have not yet made the decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of their lives, this is our primary focus. For each student the goal is spiritual growth: discipleship. This requires getting to know our students where they are spiritually and helping them grow and go beyond where they are comfortable. This is evident in our interactive Bible classes and our teacher/student discipleship programs. The students are then challenged to disciple and mentor others.