Safe & Secure

Our Shared Goal: To create and maintain a safe and secure environment for all of our students.  

All volunteers should first report to the school lobby to sign in with LobbyGuard and receive a badge. Badges should be returned to the receptionist when leaving the building.  The Lobbyguard system conducts an immediate background check for persons 18 years and older using a driver's license or other state-issued identification.  Please have your photo identification ready as you check in each time that you check in to Grove Christian School.   

Safe and Secure
We love volunteers. Volunteers are used in the classrooms and outside of the classroom to help with different events. Examples include  room mothers/fathers who assist in coordinating class parties, projects, etc., throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to be volunteers in a variety of ways on a regular basis but there will be special events promoted by the school, the PTP, or Student Leadership that calls for volunteers.  

All parents volunteering at the school should complete the Safe & Secure Procedure as soon as possible during the beginning of the school year. Parents will not be allowed to help in the class unattended or drive/attend field trips unless and until they have completed the Safe & Secure Procedure.  (This excludes end of year/Christmas parties or having lunch with your child.) This class is offered online with links to appropriate videos and assesment will be disseminated upon request. Upon request, on-site session can be held by emailing the Facilities Manager at Grove Christian School. A background check is a required part of completing this class and the form is provided below.  Please complete the steps below in order and join our volunteer corps to make an impact at Grove Christian School.  

1. Please watch the following online-training video:  Safe & Secure Video Training

2. Please review the Safe & Secure Training Handout and print the Safe and Secure Form at the end:  Safe & Secure Handout and Form  Complete the form, but do not complete the signature lines. We will need to witness your signature in the office.  

3. Please complete this on-line assessment of your training:  Safe & Secure Training Assessment

4. Please email our Facilities Manager, Leslie Drake ( to come in and finish the paperwork. While you're here in the office, we will review your assessment results with you, witness your signature, and generate a form with the State Police based on your paperwork and have you sign that form also. The form with the State Police we will notarize, so please be sure to bring your driver's license or state-issued photo identification. Once we submit the paperwork with the State Police, it generally takes them 2-3 weeks to finalize.