What makes Grove Christian School Unique? 

We are a specialty school.  All of the spiritual, intellectual, athletic and social developments that are part of the profile of a GCS student are directed towards a singular end: helping each student become an influential leader for Christ in whatever way God may call each student according their varying talents and abilities that He gave to them.  Instructionally, we design to cultivate 21st century learners who can think both critically and creatively.  

We invite you to discover more about Grove by reading our strategic plan.  This was crafted as we completed reaccreditation in 2017 with stakeholders including faculty and staff, Grove families, and our GCS School Board. 

GCS Strategic Plan

How was Grove Christian School Established? 

Grove Christian School was established in 1978 as a ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church. Located in the church's modern facilities, the school was created so that students would be taught the same Christian values at school as instilled in the home and the church. “We are One,” is our school’s theme. It is incorporated into every aspect of a Grove education - academics, athletics, biblical training and student life. Our goal is to partner with you in helping them to  become a servant leader for Jesus Christ.  This institution was established to meet and exceed state and local standards for education - with a Biblical worldview.  This institution was established so that parents, students, and faculty could be come one in pursuing God's very best for each child's education.  

How would you describe the instructional design at GCS? 

GCS offers a challenging academic environment with an emphasis on discipleship, all in a personalized, family atmosphere. GCS is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED ensuring that we meet and even exceed state education requirements. Click here for more information about our accreditation. As an institution, we design instruction to address the whole child as a learner with four key pillars in mind:  spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical.  Additionally, we design instruction to cultivate both critical and creative thinking as well as leadership and 21st century learning skills.  

At Grove, we offer an outstanding academic program for grades K3 through high school. Personal attention is given to each student as we assist those with individual needs and challenge those who excel.  Biblical applications are incorporated into every subject, every day, and our students see these principles exemplified in the lives of their teachers. At every grade level, our degreed and certified teachers continually challenge and engage our students in learning. Our goal is to prepare your child for whatever journey God has planned. 

How would you describe Grove students? 


WE are believers.  WE are Christ-centered. WE are innovative.

WE are creative.  WE are leaders. WE are a team.

WE are family.  WE are excellence.