Frequently Asked Questions

The Grove School Day Experience

1. Academically, what distinquishes Grove Christian School?

At GCS, we meet and exceed state standards for each class and course and we do so with a Biblical worldview for our K-12 students.  For our preschool students, we use the Virginia Foundation Blocks for early education and we also meet and exceed these as well with a Biblical worldview.  Througout our program, Bible is taught as a class and incorported with discipleship experiences and we use the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB).  As we design for instruction we have four pillars we address to meet the needs of the whole child - spiritual, intellectual, spiritual and physical.  We define ourselves as a specialty school - a Leadership Academy for Christ.  Our vision is to develop leaders for Christ to transform generations and nations. To facilitate this vision, we incorporate 21st Century learning skills directly into our plan for instruction.

2. What are your credentials as a school?  

The Virginia Council for Private Education recognizes that Grove Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and AdvancED and is recognized as fully accredited by the Virginia Council for Private Education as authorized by the Virginia Board of Education.  Please see "FAQ's about Accreditation" if are interested in learning more about GCS accredtiation.  

3. What credentials does your faculty have?  

All teachers have at least a bachelor's degree and over 1/3 of our faculty have advanced degrees.  All teachers are required to achieve licensure through ACSI as a condition of employment and the teachers are strongly encouraged and supported to achieve and maintain state licensure in Virginia.  

4. What are the start and end times of your school day?  Is before and after care available?  What is your school calendar?  

Our school day starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:15 for our Prek-5th grade students, unless Pre-K or Kindergarten are half day students and the half-day is over at 12:15.  For our 6-12th grade students, the school day ends at 3:30.  Before and after care are available.  Our GCS 2017-18 calendar is available at this link:  2017-18 School Calendar

5. What electives/special classes do you offer?  How do you use technology at GCS to enhance learning? 

Our lower school students enjoy specialty classes that include art, music, culinary arts, physical education and world language study.  Our upper school students have options that include creative writing, linquistics, worship arts, fine arts, culinary arts, media arts, advanced physical education, American Sign Language, and yearbook/journalism.  Technology is an integrated tool for learning at GCS.  In the lower school, we have a media lab that features iPads for student use and each classroom has three computer stations for learning.  In upper school, teachers have the use of Panaboards and two mobile carts of school laptops for student use. Students are taught digital literacy and digital responsibility through a prescribed technology use policy.  

6. Do you have student support services through guidance counseling?  

We offer student services support through guidance support that facilitates partnering with parents for individual student needs as well as middle school and high school course planning and resume building.  

7. What size are the classes at GCS?

The maximum class size is 20 students for 1st - 12th grade. In kindergarten the class maximum is 14 students.  For preschool, the maximum class size is 10 students.  



The Extracurricular Experience at GCS

  • LIttle Falcons Athletic Program (Lower School)
  • Fall, Winter, Spring Athletics for Girls and Boys (Upper School)
  • 4th/5th Grade Chorus
  • Student Leadership Team
  • Worship Team
  • Media Team
  • Culinary/Special Events Team
  • Robotics Team (new in 2017-18)
  • Wednesday Student-Interest Clubs (Upper School) (*Zero Period)
  • Art Show
  • Talent Show
  • STEM Fest
  • News from the Nest Newsletter Team

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