Middle School

Grove Christian School is a specialty school; we are a leadership academy for Christ.  We incorporate 21st century learning with a Biblical worldview so that all students have transferable skills that will serve them in whatever unique calling that God has for their lives.  

Biblical applications are incorporated into every subject, every day, and our students see these principles expressed in the actions of their teachers and mentors. Our students are trained to think critically as well as creatively.  Our focus is on helping students discover and appreciate their unique gifts and talents creates an environment where students are accepted and loved as children of God.

Our teachers incorporate extra curricular opportunities for learning - specialized projects, competitions, field trips -  to help challenge students and make learning more interactive. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL Frequently-Asked Questions

What makes the middle school experience unique at Grove? Middle school is a transitional age.  At Grove we recognize this and our desire is to give our students the tools to succeed - spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically.  The teachers work as a team to support student learning and to build meaningful middle school experiences.  The Grove faculty partners with parents so that students can achieve God's purpose for their lives and establish a firm foundation academically and biblically to prepare for high school and beyond.

What is your philosophy for middle school education? WE ARE ONE is our school's theme and it comes from John 17:20-26 when Jesus prays for His disciples - and for all of us.  It is the unified work of this school, the church, and particularly the parents that enables each child to reach his full potential in Christ.  To facilitate this oneness as Grove Falcons, we pray that every stakeholder at Grove - students, faculty, parents and community members - will SOAR:

Speak words that are impeccable.

Own your faith and actions.

Assume positive intent.

Respond lovingly with grace and truth.

How would you describe your middle school faculty? Our middle school team is dedicated to challenging students to reach their highest potential and they are equally dedicated to daily go beyond their classroom duties and to have a relationship that includes mentoring and guidance.  Our faculty prays daily for the middle school students and with the middle school students.  Our faculty is dedicated to making Grove a safe place to wrestle with the issues of adolescence and with faith.  It is the relationships between faculty and students that contribute to the testimony of Grove Christian School.  


To schedule a tour, or get a copy of our Middle School Planning Guide, please email Lorie Williams at lawilliams@grovechristianschool.com


Grove Offers:

  • Biblical principles integrated into every subject
  • ACSI accreditation
  • Individualized attention due to small class sizes
  • Two math tracts: standard and advanced
  • Hands-on science experiments in class and in the science lab
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Emphasis on building creative, critical thinkers
  • Electives such as performing arts, visual arts, praise band, and computer
  • Competitive sports programs
  • Extracurricular clubs, such as craft, game board, girls' discipleship, leadership
  • Student-led worship during weekly chapels
  • Yearly retreats for spiritual growth
  • Geography and spelling bees
  • Science fair
  • Subject-oriented field trips
  • Community service and outreach opportunities