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What distinguishes your program at Grove Christian School in terms of the early childhood experience? Students have opportunities to express creativity, develop interactive skills, learn problem-solving skills, learn memory verses, engage in worship and chapel, engage in field trips, and engage in play in both an indoor and outdoor playspace.  Students regularly engage in hands-on activities, unit themes, and specially-themed days to enhance their learning.  

How would you describe your developmental focus in the program at Grove Christian School?  Our curriculum is designed and and vertically aligned to meet the developmental needs of children spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.  Our program is designed to meet and exceed state standards with a Biblical worldview.  

How would you describe your team of teachers at Grove Christian School?  Our team of teachers is made up of degreed professionals with experience, training, certifications - and most importantly, a love for the Lord and His children.  The team commits to prayer with and for each child so that each child knows that they are a special child of God.

How do you partner with parents for a Christ-centered kindergarten education program? We communicate about the development of your child through regular communication that goes home and in conferences we schedule with you.  WE ARE ONE is our school's theme.  It is incorporated into every aspect of Grove education.  

Our mission is to partner with Christian parents by providing a Christ-centered educational environment that integrates learning with biblical faith so that students can achieve God's purpose for their lives - spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.  




Grove Offers:

  • Full and half day programs for Kindergarten
  • ACSI accreditation
  • A curriclum and meets and exceeds state standards - with a Biblical worldview
  • Small class sizes
  • Hands-on learning
  • Phonics-based reading instruction
  • Field trips
  • Manipulative-based, hands-on math
  • Parent involvement
  • Bible study
  • Art & Music and Resource 
  • Enriching story time
  • Special Events: Pajama Day, International Day, Beach Day
  • Subject-oriented art projects
  • Indoor play space
  • Field Day
  • Student aides from our high school
  • Weekly chapels