What's on the Menu?

Monday, April 3   Salad Bar or Scrambled Eggs/Sausage Patty/Pancakes (2)
Tuesday, April 4   Salad Bar or Hamburger/Tater Tots/Fruit
Wednesday, April 5   Chick-Fil-A Day (Sandwich or Nuggets)
Thursday, April 6   Salad Bar or Breaded Chicken Sandwich/Carrot & Cucumbers/Fruit
Friday, April 7   Pizza Day
Monday, April 10   Salad Bar or Homemade Pizza 
Tuesday, April 11   Salad Bar or Hot Dogs (2)/Cheesy Potatoes/Fruit
Wednesday, April 12   Chick-Fil-A Day (Sandwich or Nuggets)
Thursday, April 13   Salad Bar or Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich/Chips/Fruit
Friday, April 14   Good Friday - School Closed until April 24

 Ordering RenWeb Hot Lunch:

(1) Log into Renweb and select “Student Info.” 

(2) Select “Lunch”   

(3) Create Web Order

(4) Fill in lunches to be ordered per child              

(5) Hit, “Order Items”…WAIT…then select payment and proceed to pay. (Make sure you get confirmation.)

*Call the Office for any questions: 804-741-2860